Spring 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

What's Their Perception?
James C. Miller, Jr.

Supporting Family Caregivers
Janette K. Newhouse, Deloris J. Ellis, and Burton P. Halpert

It's a Challenge
Douglas F. Parrett, Dan B. Faulkner, and Gary R. Varner

Instant Health Information
Bernice A. Epstein

4-H Strikes a Positive Note
Janet K. Matulis, Lowell E. Hedges, Kirby Barrick, and Keith L. Smith

Now Hear This!
Julius Obahayujie and John Hillison

Research in Brief

Virginia's Computerized Office Project
Michael T. Lambur and T.R. McAnge, Jr.

Communicating with the Adult Learner
James W. King and S. Kay Rockwell

Image: Creating a Unique and Unified One for Extension
William G. Boldt

In Search of Global Perspectives
Michael H. Stitsworth

Ideas at Work

Reaching Out to Single-Parent Families
Barbara Ludwig

Networking Opens Doors
Ellawese B. McLendon

The Technique's in the Bag
Tom Whitson

Mark L. Wahlberg and Steven H. Umberger

Tools of the Trade

SNickers Retrospective
James S. Long and Steven C. Fransen

Speakers' Bureau on Professionalism
C. Stephen Scheneman

Richard W. Clark

Myra Lenburg

The Intuitive Manager
Jan Scholl

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor