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Richard W. Clark
State Specialist
4-H/Assistant Professor
Agricultural Education
The Ohio State University-Columbus

Adolescence. Margaret A. Lloyd. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc., 1985. 445 pp. $26.95 hardcover.

For those of us working with youth audiences, Adolescence should be required reading. Rarely does one find a single text that provides a comprehensive look at the physical, intellectual, and psychological development of youth.

Lloyd has organized her book into two major sections. In Part I, "Foundations of Adolescent Development," she covers such topics as perspectives on adolescents and youth, physical and sexual development, intellectual and cognitive development, and socialization and personality development.

The second major section of the book deals with "Developmental Issues in Adolescence." In this part of the text, you gain a better understanding of the issues and challenges facing today's youth. Some topics are self-concept and identity, sex roles, relating to parents and peers, establishing personal values and a philosophy of life, choosing an occupation, and hazards in the adolescent experience.

An appendix that deals with communicating in small groups provides basic concepts related to group dynamics as well as advice and suggestions for facilitating such discussions.

Good educators realize the importance of knowing and relating to their audience. Unfortunately, many of us in Extension have had little training in working with youth audiences. A few hours spent reading Lloyd's text might be the difference between "shot-in-the-dark" programming and programming that meets the interests and needs of youth.