Spring 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 1 // Tools of the Trade // 1TOT2

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Speakers' Bureau on Professionalism


C. Stephen Scheneman
Extension Specialist
Professional Development
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University-Blacksburg

The National Speakers' Bureau on Professionalism, 1987-88. National Epsilon Sigma Phi Professionalism Committee. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Epsilon Sigma Phi, 1987. 11 pp. No charge. Available from state Epsilon Sigma Phi chapter presidents or Executive Secretary, Epsilon Sigma Phi, 3641 46th Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406.

The National Speakers' Bureau on Professionalism is a directory of Extension educators having expertise in such areas as human development, teaching-learning strategies, program planning and evaluation, communication and public relations, leadership and management, and organization development. The directory was developed by Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) as an informational resource for state ESP chapters, national and state professional associations, and state Extension Services to identify qualified speakers for Extension-related programs and functions.

Members of the 1987-88 Speakers' Bureau were selected by the National ESP Board of Directors from nominations submitted by state ESP chapters and endorsed by Extension directors. Selections were made on these criteria: competence in expertise area, dynamic presentation style, recognition among peers, ability to inspire others, and evaluations of past presentations. Additional nominations will be solicited from state chapter presidents on an annual basis.

The directory includes a photograph and the information on each individual bureau member: name, position title, institutional affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, academic background, and expertise area(s). Requests and arrangements for presentations are made directly with individual members of the Speakers' Bureau. Expenses incurred by bureau members are the responsibility of the host organization or association.

The National Speakers' Bureau is considered by ESP an integral part of their ongoing campaign (along with national workshops, regional courses, publications, and audio-visual aids, loans and scholarships, and awards) to promote and encourage professionalism among Extension personnel.