Winter 1987 // Volume 25 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Evaluation with a New Twist
Emmalou Van Tilburg

Judges Are Teachers, Too!
Barbara Sawer

Mark A.Varner and Richard A. Levins

Extension Goes to High School
Paul G. McKenna and William G. Barber, Jr.

Refining Performance Appraisal
Thomas F. Patterson

Executive Development Center
Keith L. Smith and Richard W. Clark


Developing an Innovative Culture
Michael Quinn Patton

Research in Brief

Older Rural Adult Learners
Barbara A. White

Television as a Delivery System
S. Kay Rockwell and James K. Randall

Graying of America
Patricia Tanner Nelson

Ideas at Work

Families...Take Time
Mary Crooks and Patricia Steiner

Life/Work Transitions
David Sanderson

It's a Reality
Sarah Henson

Tools of the Trade

From the Top Down
Martha Nall and Sam Quick