Spring 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 1

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"Who, Me?"

An invitation to submit an article, subscribe to the Journal, or serve on the Editorial Committee often brings the response, "Who, me?" Frequently, we think of some very logical reasons why we can't accept these invitations.

I'd like to challenge you to become involved and help the Journal chart some new paths that will contribute to your professional development. Here are nine suggestions:

Care enough to: Write to the editor expressing your opinion about the articles you read in the Journal. An example is the letter to the editor on page 32 of this issue.

Care enough to: Share some outstanding program in the Idea Corner.

Care enough to: Volunteer your time as an Editorial Committee member.

Care enough to: Bring understanding into focus by writing a feature article and sharing the results of some research you've conducted.

Care enough to: Serve as one of the special editors of the Journal.

CCare enough to:: Contribute your ideas, opinions, or challenges to the Forum.

Care enough to: Subscribe and share what you learned in the Journal with your co-workers.

Care enough to: Read the Journal and use the ideas to improve the programs you present.

Care enough to: Stand up and be counted, even though it may be easier to "let someone else do or say it."

The next time you are asked to help with the Journal, your first reaction may be, "Who, me?" But, if beneath all the surface reasons you can give for not helping, you begin to feel a desire to help, follow up your "Who, me?" with "yes" and watch all those reasons fall into line to prove what a rich and rewarding experience your participation can be. PJB