Spring 1986 // Volume 24 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Excellence: A Shared Commitment

Feature Articles

Are You Experiencing Burnout
O. Chris Igodan and L.H. Newcomb
Symptoms and coping strategies for Extension professionals.

Bringing the Classroom to the Farm
Robert R. Peters, Joe E. Manspeaker, and Estelle Russek-Cohen
Recruiting new clientele and launching new programs.

Who's the Real Teacher
Olivia P. Collins
Teenagers say who taught them life skills.

Keys to Successful Program Planning Committees
Ann C. Hancook
Diversity and community information boost effectiveness.

The Balancing Act
Joseph A. Weber, Donna Cadwalader, Rosemary Good, and Bonnie Braun
Helping dual-earner families balance demands.

No Time for Modesty
Kirk A. Astroth and Benny S. Robbins
Visibility is essential to program survival.

Ideas at Work

Forestry Field Days - An Old Idea That Really Works
Dean R. Prestemon

Targeting Housing Information Programs
Kenneth R. Termblay, Jr., Anne L. Sweaney, and Eleanor Walls

Integrated Beef Cattle Management
Norman L. Dalsted

Youth Sailing Program
Chad P. Dawson and Sherry P. Boyce

Programs for Home-Based Businesses
William G. Owen and Gregory R. Passewitz


Is Extension Changing Its Mission
Randy R. Weigel

Tools of the Trade

Two Heads Are Better Than One
Don Jewett

Beyond the American Housing Dream
Eleanor J. Walls

The Meeting Manager
James S. Long