Summer 1985 // Volume 23 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Welcomes and Thank You's

Feature Articles

Extension Excellence in the Information Age
Michael Quinn Patton
Extension can continue to be excellent amidst all the innovation and change.

Cooperation: A Key for Extension
Freddie L. Barnard
The success of ag agencies working together.

Keeping 4-H Volunteer Leaders
Keith L. Smith and Nancy M. Bigler
Why some stay and some don't.

Catch Them When You Can
Patricia Tanner Nelson and Dorothea Cudaback
Sequencing newsletters to capture the teachable moment.

Instant Health Info: The Telephone Connection
Bernice Epstein
Who Calls? Why? With what results?

Extension's Future Is Today
James A. Christenson and Paul D. Warner
The impact of 4-H and the rural to urban shift on Extension.

Keeping Current Via Teleconferencing
Jan Bjorklund and Joanne Fredmeyer
An effective and efficient way "to stay in touch".

Research in Brief

Parenting Skills
Joseph H. Stevens, Jr.

Ideas at Work

Financial Planning Seminar
Barbara O'Neill

Marketing You and Your Business
Sally Weinschrott


States Support A&E System
Connie McKenna

Tools of the Trade

Gaining Ground: The Renewal of America's Small Farms
J. Tevere MacFadyen

A. B. Graham - Country Schoolmaster and Extension Pioneer
Virginia E. and Robert W. McCormick

Extension Handbook
Donald J. Blackburn

Adult and Continuing Education Through the Cooperative Extension Service
Warren Prawl, Roger Medlin, and John Gross

Isabel A. Jones

CE Unit in AAACE
James S. Long