Spring 1985 // Volume 23 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Ideas for You - The Bottom Line

Feature Articles

Shedding the Cocoon of Status Quo
James E. Van Horn, Daryl K. Heasley, and Deborah Bray Preston
Risky, but necessary.

More Computer Application Ideas
Phyllis E. Worden
A part of the lives of clients and Extensioin professionals.

Mixing Apples and Oranges
Christine J. Thompson
Results can be aggregated across individualized programs.

How Is the Time Spent?
Virginia T. Rowland and Sharon Y. Nickols
A look at some commonly held sterotypes of one- and two-parent families

The Videodisc: More Than a Toy
Robert J. Florell and Ronald W. Nugent
Extension can no longer ignore this technology.

How Closed-Circuit TV Works for Extension
Floyd F. Branson, Jr., and Shirley M. Davis
Old and new audiences are attracted and learn.

Ideas at Work

To Buy or Not To Buy
Suzanne Helms

Lowering Energy Costs for Food Processors
Barry Frey and Donald Schlimme

Public Policy Education with a New Twist
Ardis Young

Where Will You Live in the Year 2020?
Ann Dellenbarger

Needs Assessment for Planning
William E. Beckley and Keith L. Smith

Tools of the Trade

Teaching Adults
John P. Wilson

The Cooperative Extension Service, A National Assessment
Paul D. Warner and James A. Christenson

Program Evaluation: A Practitioner's Guide for Trainers and Educators
Robert O. Brinkerhoff and others