November 1984 // Volume 22 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Another Kind of Evaluation
M. F. Smith and Yvonna S. Lincoln
Not all evaluation needs to involve numbers. A focused and systematic approach to qualitative evaluation is presented together with a discussion of its possible application by Extension staff.

The Public's View of Energy Education
Donna R. lams and Mari S. Wilhelm
How does the public rate Extension as a source of information on energy use and energy technologies? What are the preferred methods to disseminate such information? This Arizona study presents some answers.

Developing Effective Agricultural Leaders
James T. Horner
A need for effective leaders, spokespeople, and policymakers in agriculture is recognized and an ongoing program to develop such leadership is outlined-along with some short-term results.

Sharing the 4-H Job With Leaders
Robert F. Richard and Satish Verma
Which 4-H program tasks should be performed by leaders and which by agents? Do leaders and agents agree on who's responsible? Results from this study of leaders and agents in Louisiana could lead to more effective use of leaders.


In Search of Excellence. . .in Extension
Bonnie Braun

Extension's Federal Funding: Who Is Entitled?
Joan S. Thomson