Summer 1990 // Volume 28 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

To The Point

The Winds of Change: Setting the Direction for Extension
Patrick J. Borich

Sailing the Extension Ship
David L. Holder

Sink or Sail-Our Future with Initiatives
Mary Ellen Waltemire

Feature Articles

Extension and Tourism Development
Beth Walter Honadle

Targeting Farmers for Stress Reduction
Michael D. Schulman and Paula S. Armstrong

An Inner-City Harvest
Julie Camp Adamcin

Issues Programming Changes Extension
Ellen Taylor-Powell and Burl Richardson

Building Home Businesses in Rural Communities
Suzanne Loker, Elizabeth Scannell, Marilyn M. Furry, and Ramona K. Z. Heck

Home-Based Business... A Means to Economic Growth in Rural Areas
Holly E. Bastow-Shoop, F. Larry Leistritz, Brenda L. Ekstrom, and Dale F. Zetocha

Business Not as Usual
Patricia A. Millar and Anthony Mallilo

Economic Options for Farm Families
Roger T. Williams


Community Risks: Extension's Future Role
J. David Deshler


Organizational Philosophy for Program Evaluatio
Daniel J. Decker

Research in Brief

Predictors of Youth Agents' Knowledge Base
Gary W. Gerhard and Keith L. Smith

Management and Marketing Strategies During Periods of Decline
Glenn J. Applebee

Master Gardeners: Views from the Cabbage Patch
David L. Simonson and Douglas A. Pals

Evaluating Alternative Parent Education Methods
Arlene Fulton

Extension Staff Satisfaction
Anthony Mallilo

Ideas at Work

Promoting Seafood for Health
Karen K. Filchak and Mary Ellen Welch

Learning by Understanding the Doing
Jan McBride

Advanced Understanding Needed
Arden N. Huff

Linking Extension with Migrant Clients
Sherie P. Corley and Margaret Lewis

Partners of the Americas
Arlen W. Etling, Christopher J. Kalangi, and Juanita O. Waites

GOLD and People Make a Difference
J. Jay. Ney, J. D. Mankin, Edward P. Duren, and H. R. Guenther

Tools of the Trade

The Truly Disadvantaged
Alice P. Kersey

Controlling Error in Evaluation Instruments
Emmalou Van Tilburg Norland

Writing Successful Grant Applications
David A. Philbrick

Adapting 4-H Manuals for Self-Instruction
Robert L. Horton