Summer 1989 // Volume 27 // Number 2

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To The Point

Extension System Change: Fact or Fiction?
Patrick G. Boyle

Beyond Tradition
Byron K. Webb

Forward with the Original Land-Grant Concept
Daniel J. Decker, Lucinda A. Noble, and David L. Call

Feature Articles

Motivating Clients To Change: The Bottom Line
Marjorie E. Jensen

Targeting Transitional Clients
Walter N. Taylor

Reaching Low-Income Audiences with Low-Income Volunteers
Carol L. Bezold

Youth Self-Protection
Sharon K. B. Wright

Post-Then-Pre Evaluation
S. Kay Rockwell abd Harriet Kohn


Community Development Through Ethnographic Futures Research
Robert Domaingue


Anticipating Issues
Lynda Cooper Harriman

Research in Brief

Interior Design Information Needs
Kenneth R. Tremblay, Jr., and Eleanor J. Walls

Self-Reliant Youth
Kirk A. Astroth

Ideas at Work

Separating Bed and Breakfast Facts from Rumors
Nancy E. Brown and James J. Huss

B&B Business Programming
Chad P. Dawson and Tommy L. Brown

Supporting Volunteers by Computer
Richard W. Clark

Preventing Child Abuse
Ruth M. Conone

The Why and How of Worksite Financial Management Seminars
Barbara O'Neill

Tools of the Trade

Creative Teaching: Simulations, Games, and Role Playing
Karen DeBord

Learning from State Fair Exhibits
Ardis W. Koester