Spring 1989 // Volume 27 // Number 1

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To The Point

Extension in Transition: Review and Renewal
Myron D. Johnsrud and Roy S. Rauschkolb

Too Little, Too Late?
Norman Brown

Yes, But...Yes, And
Susan G. Laughlin

Feature Articles

Improving Extension: Views from Agricultural Deans
Orville E. Thompson and Douglas Gwynn

Evaluating Across State Lines
Dorothea Cudabeck

School-Aged Child Care Education
Kristine L. Blacklock

Is It Worth the Costs?
Joy Cantrell, Anne L. Heinsohn, and Melanie K. Doebler

Others Influencing Others
Don A. Dillman, Carl F. Engle, James S. Long, and C. Ellen Lamiman


Future Risk Assessment: Issues Programming Opportunity
David Deshler


They've Done It Again!
Richard A. Krueger

Research in Brief

Personality Types and Rural Leadership
Laverne A. Barrett and James T. Horner

Reaching Black Farmers
Christopher N. Hunte

Ideas at Work

Building Community Teams
Elisabeth Schafer, Susan L. Anthony, Suzanne Secor Parker, and Laura Sands

Distance Education: Making Videoconferencing Work
Lynda C. Harriman

Working Through Crisis
Ruth I. Harmelink

Tools of the Trade

Thriving on Chaos
Arlen Etling