Fall 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

CPR: Purposeful Action
Ellen M. Ritter and Diane T. Welch

Never Miss an Opportunity
William G. Boldt

Our Task Is Clear
F. Richard Rohs

Enhancing Our Image
Mary T. Crave and Brenda Byron Janke

You Make the Difference
Ann Meadowbrook and Roger L. Fletcher

It's Worth the Effort
´╗┐Telg, Ricky; Irani, Tracy; Place, Nick; DeGroat, Abbe R.; Ladewig, Howard; Kistler, Mark; Barnett, Rose

The Link That Gets Results
Dorothy H. Martin and Milan A. Rewerts

Knowing Our Customers
Bruce DeYoung

What's Relationship Marketing?
Deborah A. Jones and William C. Smith


Why Wait Until 2010?
J. David Deshler and David W. Dik


You Gotta Be Kidding!
Arlen Etling

Ideas at Work

Extension/Local Government Partnership
Lenette N. Foster

Time Out for Parents
Jan Scholl

Did Extension Pay Its Way?
William G. Owen, Barbara G. Ludwig, and Kenneth Thorne

Tools of the Trade

What's Being Said About Marketing?
Paul Lee