Summer 1986 // Volume 24 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Welcomes and Thank You's

Feature Articles

Keeping Peace on the Farm
Daniel J. Weigel, Joan S. Blundall, and Randy R. Weigel
Stresses of two-generation farm families.

Is Anyone Watching
Mary Beth Lang, Kristine L. Blacklock, and Boyd E. Rossing
Getting the message across via cable television.

Reaping the Benefits of Computers
Jerry McClelland
Factors encouraging and discouraging computer use.

Research + Volunteers = Success
Christine Nelson, Joanne Keith, Leah Hoopfer, and Anita Miller Covert
Volunteer interviewers benefit both 4-H programs and themselves.

The Changing Face of Nutrition Education
Janet Lenichek, Christine R. Anderson, and Doris Tichenor
Responding to the public's needs.

Promotion from Within Anyone Qualified
Joe D. Pittman and Lydia Bruny
Training program creates a pool of potential administrators.

Research in Brief

Adolescents and Their Families
Patricia Tanner Nelson


In Search of Futurists
Michael Quinn Patton


Marketing Extension - Being Prepared
Karen E. Craig

Extension's Future Revisited
Paul D. Warner and James A. Christenson

Ideas at Work

TV PSA's - Making Them Effective
Betty Youngman

Memoranda - A Management Tool
Charles R. Perkins

Tools of the Trade

Time of Your Life
C. Stephen Scheneman

Business Fundamentals
Patricia J. Buchanan