Summer 1986 // Volume 24 // Number 2 // Tools of the Trade // 2TOT1

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Time of Your Life


C. Stephen Schenernan
Extension Specialist-Professional Development
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg

The Time of Your Life. Alan Lakein. Hollywood, California: The Cally Curtis Company, 1984 (revised). Film (16 mm, color), 28 minutes. $130 rental/3 days, $550 purchase. Also available on video cassette.

This film is based on the research of Lakein, author of the best selling book, How To Get Control of Your Time and Life, and is narrated by James Whitmore, renown motion picture and television actor. The film is an instructional resource to help viewers gain a mastery over their jobs and lives through the application of six time management principles: (1) list goals and set priorities, (2) make a daily "To Do" list, (3) start with A's (priorities) and not with C's (lesser priorities), (4) ask the question: "What's the best use of my time right now?" (5) handle each piece of paper only once, and (6) do it now

Even though viewers will find these six principles helpful in making the most efficient use of their time, they should be advised to keep "time management" in perspective. These principles, if carried to their extreme and applied to all facets of our lives, are an indirect cause of "career burnout." A part of having control over our lives is being able to let go of "time management" and enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of leisure activities.

The film is suitable for all Extension personneladministrators, program leaders, specialists, agents, and clerical staff. Possible uses include orientation and in-service education workshops, graduate courses, departmental and county staff meetings, "brown bag" luncheon seminars, and individual viewing. For those wanting to maximize their own productivity and/or the performance of others, The Time of Your Life is an excellent resource and a valuable investment.