September 1984 // Volume 22 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page
Extension: Working in the 80's

Feature Articles

Extension: Unchanging, but Changing
C. Brice Ratchford
Extension in the 80's is the latest in a series of 4 evaluative reports on Extension organization and operation. An analysis of these reports traces some changes in Extension and the impact of these evaluations.

The Low-Income Single Parent
Nancy Well Gadow, Margaret P. Ray
Problems, support systems, and educational interests of this client group are presented, along with a discussion of opportunities for Extension.

Microcomputers...for Better Listening
James S. Long; Barbara D. Long
We can use this technology to extend our listening to people's problems, to available research, and to our co-workers.

Randall G. Rogan; Gary A. Simmons
Advantages and disadvantages are discussed along with answering some questions for the individual who's uncertain about using it.

Examining Rural Unemployment
Paul Lasley; Peter F. Korsching
Extension staff members and community leaders work together to determine the extent of the unemployment problem in rural communities and to use the results of this study to change the situation.

Extension - A Citizen of the World
Michael Quinn Patton
An international emphasis is basic to effective Extension programs. This article discusses why and what can be done to implement such an emphasis.

Ideas at Work

Teaching Coastal Property Owners
Frank R. Lichtkoppler

Made in Alabama
Lenda Jo Anderson

Answer Line
Mary Jo Williams

Tools of the Trade

Lifelong Learning
Connie McKenna