July 1984 // Volume 22 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Microcomputers: Early Adopters and Extension
Joe, H. Doug
Where do farmers and ranchers in the "early-adopter" group get information about microcomputers? What uses do they think they'll make of a microcomputer? What are the implications of these answers to staff members who plan, implement, and evaluate farm management Extension programs? This Nebraska staff member has some suggestions.

Extension's Role in Drug Prevention Programs
Bachtel, Douglas C.
Illegal drug use by youth is a concern of families, youth leaders, and the community. Based on a survey of junior and senior high school aged youth and discussion of the findings with interested groups, this Georgia staff member outlines steps in a prevention program and suggests educational inputs from Extension.

How Do You Spell Relief? Master Gardening!
Grieshop, James I.; Rupley, Victoria
How do master gardener volunteers spend their time? How does the introduction of the Master Gardener Program change how the professional staff use their time? Can master gardener volunteers teach the same high quality of information that professional staff do? Staff in 14 California counties were studied to answer these questions.

Serving Dual-Career Families: Problem or Opportunity?
Hester, Susan B.; Dickerson, Kitty G.
The dual-career family lifestyle is becoming more common with Extension professionals and the genereal population. What are their educational needs? What are suggested programming strategies? Based on a study of 71 such families, the authors have some suggestions for us.

Ideas at Work

Fishing Symposium Impacts
Lichtkoppler, Frank R.

Tools of the Trade

Advisory Councils
Long, James
Advisory Councils: A Theoretical and Practical Guide for Program Planners. Jacquelyn M. Cole and Maurice F. Cole. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1983. 207pp. $22.95

Adult Learning
Jimmerson, Ronald M.
Adult Learning: Research and Practice. Huey B. Long. New York: Cambridge Co., 1983. 367pp. $19.95.