September 1984 // Volume 22 // Number 5

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Extension: Working in the 80's

Extension: Working in the 80's

In 1983, the Board of Directors selected "Extension and You: Unchanging, But Changing" as the theme for the 1984 special issue. In our call for manuscripts, we suggested that while we recognize we're in a period of rapid change, we also recognize there are certain basics in Extension. We wanted to focus on these basics and how they're being implemented in the 80's.

However, when we looked at the manuscripts submitted, we found few that discussed the basics, but several that focused on programs and processes being implemented under these changing conditions. We were excited about what was submitted and decided that the profession would be best served by printing these articles and changing the theme. So we did. "Extension: Working in the 80's" is what this issue is all about.

We're fortunate that Brice Ratchford, an experienced Extension administrator and participant in three of the four national evaluation studies, was willing to analyze and interpret these reports for us. He helps us see the changing emphases that have evolved to where we are today. The other articles convince us that Extension is alive and well, adjusting programs and processes in spite of future shock, megatrends, the information glut, the breakup of the family, the demise of the community, inconsiderate youth, and star wars.

Lifelong learning is still the fastest growing part of education and Extension has the organization, knowledge base, staff, and experience to continue to play a major role. Clientele needs are being met, but Michael Patton challenges us to enlarge our program content as we realize the setting in which we live and work and in which this education occurs.

We want to continue to present articles highlighting Extension today and in the future. Please share your ideas through the pages of this Journal.

Roger L. Lawrence