January 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Determining Needs of a Hard-To-Reach Audience
Blelema, Cheryl; Sofranko, Andrew
A needs survey combined with participant input in planning can lead to educational programs for a new, local audience.

How About Earth-Sheltered Housing
Impson, June; Chenoweth, Lillian; Greer, Mary
To gain adoption of earth shelteied housing, people must understand the advantages and disadvantages of this housing alternative. A series of Extension seminars can overcome this lack of information.

A Way To Fight Inflation: Food Cooperatives
Scott, Elizabeth Chase
Extension's role In educating consumers on food cooperatives is based on Michigan's experiences. These guidelines may provide you with an educational program to help fight inflation.

In-Service Training: Does It Make A Difference?
Smith, M. F.; Woeste, John T.
Criteria are dentified that allow us to assess the value of inservice programs for Extension and or paiticipants-both staff and volunteers.

Research in Brief

Children and Housework
Jenson, Glen O.

Tools of the Trade

Aging: A New Look
Barber, Kenn