January 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 1

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This, issue begins the Journal's 2lst year - a time to reflect; but more importantly, a time to project the Journal's future.

The Journal is a professional resource available to all Extension educators. Each year a few of us have the opportunity to have our work published in it. For most of us, the Journal is primarily an at-home resource.

In what ways can we make the best use of it?

  • Skimming to pick out what others in Extension are discussing.
  • Reading to gain specific program ideas and insights.
  • Applying insights gained to our own Extension education programs. Filing articles read-yes, tearing the Journal apart-with related, relevant resources for ready use in programming.
  • Referring to topics covered earlier as a ready reference.

Among the most consistently mentioned uses of the Jounal are its use in in-service education for Extension staff and in graduate education courses. Both are ways to acquaint nonreaders, especially those who carry out programs directly, with the Journal and what it offers.

To explore the Journal's next decade, the Board of Directors has appointed a Long-Range Task Force to report at its June, 1983, meeting.

The issues this committee will explore are: In what ways can-and should- Extension Journal, Inc., meet the needs of Extension educators, nationally and internationally? Should the Journal exist in its present form and format? Should other resources by produced and/or made available through Extension Journal, Inc.? If so, what should our educational objectives be?

The Board of Directors, your editor, and all who are associated with the Journal continually seek to make it a dynamic, meaningful professional resource. Our intent is to keep it that way in the decade ahead. ahead.