November 1982 // Volume 20 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

Call for Manuscripts for the September/October 1983 Special Issue: What Value, Program Evaluation (pdf)

Feature Articles

Census Data for Decision Making (pdf)
James C. Preston
Through "People of New York," population information is developed by Extension for use in program planning and implementation.

Farmers, Too, Must Plan for Retirement (pdf)
Willis J. Goudy
Nearly everyone retires-eventually. But farmers less so than others. Then plans change! The implications this pattern has for educational programs on retirement are discussed.

Who Does the Family Work? (pdf)
Margaret Mietus Sanik and Barbara ONeill
A 10-year comparison study again documents that housework is still her job. Yet women's participation in the work force has steadily increased. What does it mean for Extension?

Green Thumb: Extension's Videotext (pdf)
Paul D. Warner and Frank Clearfield
Evaluation of the Kentucky Green Thumb Project suggests that use primarily depends on the appropriateness of the information for a particular user's needs. Users saw Green Thumb supplementing other information sources.

Research in Brief

Profile of Success in 4-H (pdf)
John Beasley

Community Development Process Model (pdf)
Louis C. Thaxton


Do Female Agents Make a Difference? (pdf)
Henry M. Brooks