September 1982 // Volume 20 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

Extension: The Human Touch (pdf)

Feature Articles

Understanding Ourselves and Others (pdf)
Susan S. Meyers
By knowing and understanding my "self," I'm more able to know and understand others. We each need to build our own positive self-esteem.

Speaking Without Words (pdf)
John Hillison and Lorenza Lyons
How we "speak" with our face, eyes, body, may or may not reinforce our spoken words. Hillison and Lyons share the impact nonverbal cues can have in our working environments.

Making Group Decisions (pdf)
Nancy Hungerford Drennen
Knowing what decisions the group can make and the rules by which the group will operate can help a group achieve consensus-the primary objective of group decision making.

Disagreement Is Okay (pdf)
Steve Kraten
Our reactions to disagreements today are conditioned by experiences throughout life. Understanding how we react individually to dissent and why allows us to accept dissent and learn skills by which disagreements are resolved.

Managing People Conflicts (pdf)
Julia Gamon
Gamon discusses an eight-step process to manage conflict. Beginning with an invitation to talk, this approach allows individuals to discuss the problem as it's viewed by each.

Human Values and Program Evaluation (pdf)
Laverne Forest and Boyd E. Rossing
Extension involves its clients in program planning. But are M: involving them in the evaluation of these programs? How I Extension staff can carry out evaluations based on "programl for people" is discussed.

Programmable Calculators in Extension (pdf)
The Delicate Balance: Work and Family (pdf)
Leo F. Hawkins

Before You Resign. . . (pdf)
Leon J. Church and Douglas A. Pals
This Idaho study documents significant differences in the reasons Extension staff resigned or stayed with Extension.

Idea Corner

Job Sharing (pdf)
Diane Nelson and Jane Schuchardt

The Incredible Balancing Act (pdf)
Douglas G. Babkirk and Neal R. Davis

The Human Torch in Retirement (pdf)
Bill Milbrath


The Best Way to Lose Your Job (pdf)
Robert W. Lind

Conflict: Professional Responsibility Versus Clients' Rights (pdf)
John M. Cavendish

The Extension Office Secretary: Your Key to Productivity (pdf)
Norman E. Tooker

Reach People Through Writing (pdf)
Jan McDaniel

Tools of the Trade

Making Your Own Luck (pdf)
Dorothey H. Martin

Take a Giant Step (pdf)
James Bromley