July 1982 // Volume 20 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Writing Clearly..."Ask the Right Questions"

Feature Articles

Identifying Client Needs
Rosemary S. Caffarella
Step-by-step description on how to carry out a "needs assessment" is clarified by an example from Extension.

A Money Saver: Life Cycle Costing
Joann Hallaway
Discusses how to improve buying decisions by knowing the payback period and reduced energy costs over the life of the equipment.

Strengthening 4-H in Schools
Carmen Burrows and Stan Zaremba
Offers suggestions for 4-H school programming that can further strengthen programming through community 4-H Clubs-information helpful in all states.

Audience Involvement: Best Way To Learn
William A Spencer and Donald M. Sorensen
Any Extension agent could improve program acceptance and learning by following the participant-centered learning principles described.

Research in Brief

Crisis In The Family
Rae Kontio

Bargaining in Community Development
Louis C. Thaxton

Training Rural Citizens
Henry Brooks

Energy Expos' Impact
Mary Andrews

Idea Corner

ICooperative Bank for Young Entreprenuers
Jerry Purser

Telecommunications Training
Ken Krieg

Tools of the Trade

Shaping Public Policy
James Bromley