May 1982 // Volume 20 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Ask The Right Questions! (pdf)

Feature Articles

How Agents and Clients View Programs (pdf)
David L. Kantner
Extension staff viewed Extension's agricultural program more favorably than Extension clientele. Clients should be the focus of Extension education.

Can Mass Media Change Behavior? (pdf)
JMescal Johnston
Changing food practices of the general public through mass media is possible-this Arkansas study documents it.

Recruiting 4-H Leaders: What Tips the Scale? (pdf)
JMary Lou Fuhry
Fuhry documents that multiple approaches are needed to recruit 4-H leaders; most who inquire won't be familiar with 4-H.

Publications Have an Impact (pdf)
M. F. Smith and J. W. Milon
Documenting the value of publications in changing clientele practices, this study also illustrates the socioeconomic impact of Extension programs for clients.

Research in Brief

Audio Cassette Learning (pdf)
Robert Reisbeck

Teacher Immediacy/Teaching Effectiveness (pdf)
Robert Reisbeck

Idea Corner

Involvement + Benefits = Successful Extension Programs (pdf)
Robert J. Florell and Richard L. Fleming

Tools of the Trade

AAdults as Learners (pdf)
James Bromley

In Our Own Backyard (pdf)
James Bromley