March 1982 // Volume 20 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Having Your Perspective Count

Feature Articles

T 'n T: Time Management for Paraprofessionals
Marie S. Hammer and Katey Walker
Time management training for paraprofessionals focusing on self-identified problems in using time offers a training approach useful to any Extension educator.

Is Agricultural Extension for Women?
Jere Lee Gilles
In many cases, men and women have the same Extension program needs, but the unique experiences of women in agriculture may mean women are interested in different types of Extension programs than men.

Cartoons: When Are They Effective?
James M. Nehiley, James Stephens, and John Sutherland
Limited-resource clientele had better comprehension of an illustrated fact sheet than a nonillustrated one.

Using Video To Resolve Community Conflict
Geri Gay
Using video to communicate between two opposing groups let each side work through the issue's emotional aspects and outline possible solutions.

Research in Brief

4-H and Citizen Involvement
John Beasley

Who's Listening To The Experts
Glen Johnson

Happy Workers
Rae Kontio

Idea Corner

Pickle Power
Marsha A. Goetting

Tools of the Trade

Analyzing Performance Problems
James Bromley