November 1978 // Volume 16 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

Managing With and Through Others (pdf)
Henrietta Van Maanen (Guest Editor)

Feature Articles

Measuring the Performance of Extension Educators (pdf)
Maynard C. Heckel
This article explores performance evaluation approaches.

GPublic Relations--What, Why, and WOW! (pdf)
La Vern A. Freeh
Freeh champions public relations as a way to preserve our public image and make our relationship with the public as good as our goals and aspirations.

Can an Extension Wife Find Happiness? (pdf)
Sandra Draheim
The wife of an Extension horticulturalist tells how she manages her life and household.

Managing Your Stress (pdf)
June L. Sears
An excellent discussion about stress-both its constructive and destructive aspects.

Volunteers as Middle Managers (pdf)
Courtney Schwertz
As 4-H grows, the, need for additional middle managers becomes crucial.

Hiring Paraprofessionals: A Problem or a Challenge? (pdf)
Erna Carmichael
A discussion of problems or challenges facing an Extension agent working with a team of paraprofessionals.

Soft Money: A Blessing or a Curse? (pdf)
Bob M. GassawaY
Have you considered the blessing soft money can be? (pdf)

Multiplying Your Effectiveness (pdf)
Donald D. Juchartz
Here are some ideas for working with and through others, as well as using soft money effectively.

Humanizing Management (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich
Extension professionals learn that humanizing management or the lack of it may be the core of a successful or mediocre Extension career.

Research in Brief

Managenment Potential (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Endangered Species (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Value and Self-Esteem Influence (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Succesful Manager (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Successful Chief Executive (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Bibliography of Women in Management (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Goal Setting (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Citizen Surveys (pdf)
Del Dyer

Tools of the Trade

Getting Things Done (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
New Time Management Methods for You and Your Staff R. Alec MacKenzie. Chicago: The Dartnell Corporation, 1975. 313pp. $50.
Executive Seminars in Sound Washington, D.C.: Chamber of Commerce of the United States, 1971. 8 audio cassettes. $85.
Staffing for Strength Rockville, Maryland: BNA Films, Film (color), 25 minutes. $75 for three-day rental. $430 purchase.
That's Not My Job . Beverly Hills, California: Round Table My Job Films, Inc. Film (color), 26 minutes. $55 rentallweek. $325 purchase,
Be a Better Employment Interviewer Arthur R. Pell Hunting, New York: Personnel Publications, 1977-78 Edition. 72 pp. $5.95 (paper).
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Executive Problem Analysis and Decision Making Charles H, Kepner and Charles B. Tregoe. Princeton, New Jersey: Kepner and Tregoe, Inc., 1973. 112 pp. No price given.