September 1978 // Volume 16 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

I Laughed So Hard I Cried (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

How to Hang On to Volunteers (pdf)
Julia Gamon
Reducing leadership turnover means increasing leader satisfaction.

Greater Awareness--Extension's Key to Program Success (pdf)
Raymond T. Coward
Examination of why people do or don't attend Extension programs.

TV Captures Extension Farm Audience (pdf)
Marion E. Kroetz and Robert W. Cole
TV game found interesting to farm audience.

Child Abuse--Extension's Role (pdf)
David R, Imig
Extension's role in the war against child abuse and neglect.

Idea Corner

Program Team Leader (pdf)
Carol L. Anderson

Self-Help Continuing Education Program (pdf)
Arden Huff


Michigan's Move Towards Equality (pdf)
Marion Prince