March 1975 // Volume 13 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich

Feature Articles

Up the Hierarchy (pdf)
Claude Bennett
Up the Hierarchy-- a staircase to measuring Extension's impact.

An Emerging Concept of Program Evaluation (pdf)
Sara Steele
A summary of the many faces of program evaluation.

Evaluating Family Life Education Programs (pdf)
James Farmer
Family life evaluation-- it should be as balanced as your diet.

A Practical Look at Evaluation (pdf)
David Logston
Can an evaluation be practical? The author says yes and proves it.

Innovative Projects Evaluation (pdf)
Robert Brack
Ways to determine whether that new Extension program is worth repeating. Must reading for the innovator.

Designing Evaluative Research (pdf)
James Longest
Some factors to consider when designing the evaluation for a new project.

Research in Brief

Evaluating Food Concepts of Youth
Irene Beavers

Evaluating Adult Learning
Huey Long

Evaluation of Faculty
Curtis Trent

Analysis of TEMIS data
Curtis Trent

Youth Reject Censorship
Donald Stormer


Forum [Evalating Community Development Programs] (pdf)
Jerry H. Reyburn


Letters (pdf)
We thought you'd be interested in some of the comments about the Journal's new content and format changes.