January 1975 // Volume 13 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich

Feature Articles

Institutional "Future Shock" in Extention (pdf)
Charles Koelling, Richard Lee
Stress factors on the university cna result in an identity crisis, wasted energy, a frustrated staff, and indecisive leaders for Extension programs. This article describes these stress factors and their implications.

Are Extension Workers Professionals? (pdf)
Harold Swanson
The old question of what's a professional is revisited and applied to the Extension employee. See if you would rather be a professional or an amateur.

Research in Brief

Dacum (pdf)
Donald Blackburn

JFamily--Public and Private Institution (pdf)
Charles Martin

EFNEP Group Dynamics Training (pdf)
Irene Beavers

Psychological Factors in Adult Learning (pdf)
Huey Long

Idea Corner

Working with Minority Groups (pdf)
Eugene Ross


Forum [Are Extension Workers Professional?] (pdf)
Jerry H. Reyburn

Book Reviews

Attacking Rural Poverty (pdf)
Jerry Parsons

Abstracts (pdf)

Education and Leisure
How Adults Learn
Should Trees Have Standing
Small Group Communication