Spring 1974 // Volume 12 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich

Feature Articles

Mr. Chairman, Your Behavior Affects Morale (pdf)
Paul O. Johnson, J.C. Bledsoe
All extension professionals know that their leader and his or her behavior affects the way we feel about our job. In this article, the authors studied the morale of Extension agents and how the behavior of the office administrator affects agent morale. In conducting the study, the concepts of morale and leader behavior were tested for their relationship. The results and the authors' subsequent conclusions should make for interesting discussions among members of your Extension office.

Problem Diagnosis: Applying Sound Theory to Problem Solving (pdf)
William W. Reeder, Nelson L. LeRay, Jr., and Susan T. Mackenzie
How do individuals and organizations solve problems? What factors are important in problem diagnosis? How are these factors useful to the Extension professional in planning programs to solve problems? This article is the first of two that focus on these questions. In Part I, the authors summarize social theory and use of a list of factors identified significant to problem diagnosis. Part II (in the Summer Journal issue) will apply these factors to the program planning process for problem solution.

Helping the Small Businessman (pdf)
Philip R. Brereton
Is the small businessman a clientele for Extension? Do Extension professionals have something to offer small businessmen? The author makes a case for Extension serving the small business community and provides some findings on what the small businessman would like from the extension educator. A model for improving Extension's role in serving this clientele is included. Do you agree with the author's conclusions?

The Computer in Extension Farm Planning (pdf)
Gerald A. Harrison, Robert J. Rades
That ominous giant, the computer, raises its head again! The authors of this article make a case for using that impersonal quick-thinking machine to help the Extension professional be more personal and responsive to the farmer and his management plans. The authors provide a model for the addition of computerized management aids to the farm decision-making process. They just may be describing the job of all extension professionals in the 1980's.

Research in Brief

Program Development Theory (pdf)

Points of View

Marihuana -- A Signal of Misunderstanding (pdf)
Donald L. Stormer

Idea Corner

Real Amigo (pdf)
S. L. Ponce

Book Reviews (pdf)

Decongesting Metropolitan America: "It Can Be Done!" Hugh Denney. Columbia, Missouri: University of Missouri, 1972. 132 pp. $4.00 (paper)
Bill C. Robinson

Perspectives of Adult Education in the United States and a Projection for the Future. Wahsington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare/Office of Education, 1972. 65 pp. No price given
Eugene R. Watson

Process Skills In Community Organizations. Jerry W. Robinson, Jr., and Roy A. Clifford. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinios, Cooperative Extension Service, 1972. 212 pp. No price given.
Joseph Newlin

Retirement. Frances M. Carp and, ed. Morningside Heights, New York: Behavioral Publications, Inc., 1972. 409 pp. $16.95.
Thomas A. Rich

Abstracts (pdf)

Expanding Dimensions of Instructional Objectives. Eva L. Baker and W. James Popham, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1973. 129 pp. $2.95

Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions. Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich, and John P. Holdren. San Francisco, California: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1973. 304 pp. $4.75 (paper)

Readings on the Changing Family. David A. Schultz and Robert A. Wilson, eds. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1973, 313 pp. $5.95 (paper)