Spring 1967 // Volume 5 // Number 1

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Point of View

Point of View(pdf)
Ends and Means
Donald L. Stormer
Word of Caution
F. M. Jones
Long Tenure Always Desirable?
Virgil N. Sapp
Survey Results Misleading
F. K. Agee
Double Yield
Robert W. McCormick

Feature Articles

Administrative Climate (pdf)
Robert L. Bruce, G. L. Carter, Jr.
Climate in an Organization is not fixed-it can be created and altered by those with leadership responsibility.

Personnel Plateauing and Motivation (pdf)
J. Glenn Morrill, Olive L. Morrill
Plateauing, or leveling off of work performance, is related to the type of administrative climate created and maintained in an organization. Extension administrators must provide an atmostphere that will encourage maximum staff productivity. Providing this atmosphere or climate may be related to a number of factors, including motivation. This paper is focused on ideas related to motivation, in the hope that Extension personnel will more clearly see how their administrative and supervisory practices can affect long-range staff productivity.

Motivation Theory in Practice (pdf)
Denzil O. Clegg
Extension workers are concerned with motivating people to learn and to grow. Motivation also plays an important part in productivity of Extension personnel. As a means of exploring adult motivations, five theories are explained. Case examples are used to illustrate the practicality of such theories and the relationship of such ideas to the creation and maintenance of a favorable administrative climate.

Counseling Professional Personnel (pdf)
Ernest W. Anderson
No two people are exactly alike. Each person sees and understands his own world as he perceives it. This is a basic concept of counseling which Extension administrators and educators must accept if they are to better understand staff members and clientele. This article explores some of the principles of counseling as a basis for understanding human behavior in the area of Extension administration and improving the professional skills of Extension personnel. These ideas are suggested as having potential influence on and as a means of examining and better understanding aspects of the climate created by administrative and supervisory practices.

Feedback in Administration (pdf)
W. Keith Warner
Feedback is essential for rational decision making and is a necessary ingredient of an administrative climate attuned to attaining organizational objectives. Yet administrators at all levels in an organization must make decisions without having adequate information about the consequences of these decisions. Feedback is discussed as a tool in providing information for administrative decision making. Some of the problems are analyzed and suggestions made to increase adequacy of feedback.

Improving Instruction: A Case Study (pdf)
Clarence J. Cunningham
Improving instruction in Extension depends upon excellence in educational practice and knowledge of content area. Both were included as topics in a recent successful Ohio workshop on improving quality of instruction. Although workshops are often used as a teaching method in Extension, some are successful while others are not. In this case study, procedures are described and concepts and principles are discussed. It is suggested that training (its nature and the manner in which it is conducted) relates directly to the administrative climate of an organization.

Administrative Manager or Leader? Wrestling with Twin Temptations (pdf)
Jean C. Evans
Some administrators label everything they do as "administrative leadership." Leadership in Extension has to do with long-range planning which will lead to optimum educational contributions to society. Administrative management is concerned primarily with preservation and survival of the enterprise, with human relations, methods of operation, and general "housekeeping." These two orientations to administering an organization can lead to creation of differing administrative climates. Ideas posed in the article are presented to help administrators examine and assess their roles as they consider whether they are managers, leaders, or a combination of both.

Research in Brief (pdf)
Mason E. Miller, editor

Split-Level Teaching
Defense Against Defense?
How You Pick a Leader Makes a Difference

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Myron D. Johnsrud

The College of Agriculture: Science in the Public Service. By Charles E. Kellogg and David C. Knapp, 1966. Available from McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, N.Y. 237 pp. $6.95.
Jozua Serfontein

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