Summer 1991 // Volume 29 // Number 2 // Commentary // 2LET4

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Getting to the Point


I was excited about the topic of the Fall 1990 To The Point. What an exciting concept: Have someone present an idea and then present a response to it, all in the same issue. I envisioned exciting interchanges, challenging discussions, and thought- provoking ideas. Instead, we have Boone and Malone engaged in some kind of personal dialogue that has little to do with their supposed audience. It's bad enough to use a public forum for a private or "inside" exchange, but the articles themselves are a dead end. Why? Because they're written with the kind of undecipherable, wordy jargon we're constantly advised not to use in Extension work.

If this is the direction our leaders are going, then we won't need to worry about "crossing lines" or "dropping the lines." We won't have an audience to work with. They'll probably let us "Extensionists" know we can just "operationalize" somewhere else.

Danny M. Bullington
Extension Agent
Knoxville, Tennessee