Summer 1991 // Volume 29 // Number 2 // Commentary // 2LET3

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Fear and Intimidation? 3


I've just begun reading the Spring 1991 issue of the Journal. I've gotten as far as the editorial page. I'm very interested and concerned about the content of the editorial. As a loyal reader of the Journal for many years, I'm intrigued and anxious to know more about the feelings, opinions, attitudes, and value judgments of those "tenured" Extension professionals that wouldn't submit their articles.

Maybe there is an answer and a way. It seems that you've identified the type of person who should write this type of article. It would probably also be easy to identify additional Extension professionals with quality backgrounds that should submit articles. Question: Have you thought of creating a special section in the Journal titled "Exit Interview" or "Almost Retired"? Then, those within the last few months of their career (prior to actual retirement) might be strongly encouraged to submit an article of the type you're suggesting.

Give this some thought and maybe it can bear fruit.

Max G. Miller
Extension Agent-CED
Purdue University
Vigo County Office
Terre Haute, Indiana