Winter 1989 // Volume 27 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

To The Point

No Time To Be Timid
Rachael B. Tompkins

A Look at the Options
Henry A. Wadsworth

Beware Overgeneralizations
John T. Woeste

Feature Articles

Beyond Traditional County Programs
Natalie M. Ferry and Nancy Ellen Kierman

Successful Strategic Planning
Robert J. Fetsch and Kenneth R. Bolen

Let the People Speak
Burl Richardson and Howard Ladewing

Influences on Program Planning
Jan Scholl

Educating Interest Groups for Political Action
Gerald Huebner and Andrew T. Dickson


Water Quality as an Issue: What Does This Mean?
Gerald F. Vaughn

Research in Brief

Farmers Use On-Line Info Services
W. Wade Miller, Annette C. Elliot, and Julia A. Gamon

Microcomputers-The Tractor of the 1990s?
Blannie E. Bowen, Jeffrey P. Miller, and Kathleen M. Escolme

Ideas at Work

Control Groups - New CES Audiences
MaryAnn Paynter and Robert H. Flashman

More Love Than Money
Mary Crooks and Bev Craig

Educating Future Energy Users Today
James A. McCarty and Joseph Laquatra

Tools of the Trade

Planning of Change
Roger A. Rennekamp

Letters to the Editor

It's Not Worth the Cost

Resistance to Evolving Change?