Fall 1989 // Volume 27 // Number 3

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To The Point

Futures Task Force Recommendations TODAY
Mitchell R. Geasler

A Whack on the Side of the Organization
Gail M. Skinner

The Future of Futuring
J. David Deshler

Feature Articles

Big-City Imperative: Agenda for Action
Janet Krofta and Dan Panshin

Futures-Oriented Public Policy Education
Charles Norman and Rob Williams

Extension Trends and Directions
Harvey A. Meier

Alternative Extension Scenarios
Ellen L. Fitzsimmons

What Values Will Guide Extension's Future?
Ronald M. Jimmerson

Biotechnology: What Is It and Is It Safe?
Norma M. Reiners and Don Roth

Biotechnology: Implications for Extension
Thomas J. Hoban

Communication-Age Trends Affecting Extension
Margaret P. Ezell


From Reactive to Proactive: A Continuum
Daniel J. Decker and Carol L. Anderson

Research in Brief

Keeping Pace with the Times?
John G. Richardson

Where Are Future Agents Coming From?
Douglas C. Bachtel

Improving Extension in Iran
Yousef Hejazi

Ideas at Work

Scanning the Environment
Carol L. Anderson

Programming for the Elderly
Judith A. Weber and Julie M. Johnson

Tools of the Trade

Techniques for Futures Perspectives
Lorilee R. Sandmann

Discovering the Future
Arlen W. Etling