Summer 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 2 // Tools of the Trade // 2TOT3

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The Juggler


C. Stephen Scheneman
Extension Specialist-Professional Development
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University-Blacksburg

The Juggler: The Power of Concentration. Hollywood, California: Cally Curtis Company, 1986. Video cassette (VHS, color), 29 minutes. $40 preview, $525 purchase. Also available in 3/4" video format and 16mm film.

The Juggler addresses one of the most common problems facing professionals today - the multiple and conflicting demands on our time and energies. The answer to this problem, according to the information contained in this video cassette, is found in the juggler who's able to keep several objects in the air at once through his/her power of concentration.

In this video, the viewer is presented with eight basic ideas:

  1. Concentration is a skill, not a gift.
  2. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed.
  3. Focus sharply on the task at hand.
  4. Prepare yourself and your work environment.
  5. Save your concentration for prime time.
  6. Get a running start (first 10 minutes are crucial).
  7. When your mind wanders, refocus.
  8. Practice makes perfect.

Through the application of these basic rules to everyday tasks, an individual is said to have the potential of increasing productivity threefold.

This video is a valuable tool for all Extension professionals-administrators, specialists, agents, and secretaries. Possible uses include orientation and in-service education workshops, graduate education courses, departmental and county staff meetings, "brown bag" luncheon seminars, and individual viewing.

For those wanting to maximize their own productivity or the productivity of others, The Juggler is an excellent learning resource for leadership and management development, and personal effectiveness.