Summer 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Family Times
Stephen Small, Patricia Day, Ellen Fitzsimmons, and Robert Young

The TV Connection
Kathryn Sunnarborg, Linda Bradley, and Donald Hayes

Farm Families Under Stress
Anne K. Soderman

Who's Doing the Work?
Alwyn Ann Wegenhoft and Barbara A. Holt

Is There a Solution?
Ruth M. Conone

Making Better Decisions
Thomas O. Knight


The Vision Shines Through
Michael Quinn Patton


You Don't Have To Be Funny To Use Humor
Peter Warnock

Research in Brief

Doing More with Less
Barbara White

Innovation and Creativity in Extension
Keith L. Smith

Will Declining Birth Rates Create a Crisis?
William H. Reid

Ideas at Work

Marketing: An Essential Link
Betty Feather, Alma J. Owen, and Edie Pigg

Using Your Evaluation Skills
Frank R. Lichtkoppler

Taking Extension to Work
J. Lynne Brown and Dawn Olson

Tools of the Trade

Knowledge Index
Phyllis E. Worden

Planning Adult Learning
J. Neil Raudabaugh

The Juggler
C. Stephen Scheneman