Summer 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 2

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A Time for Commitment

Summertime seems like an appropriate time to consider our commitment to the Journal of Extension. As the editor of the Journal, my commitment has been to offer you the most relevant, current information Extension has. However, I realize that my best intentions can only be filled with your help. The Journal gives you an opportunity to express your views, discuss successful programs you've implemented, present challenges you've had, and read about your colleagues' endeavors.

With these thoughts in mind, it's interesting to reflect on why some people take the opportunity to submit manuscripts and subscribe to the Journal and others don't. I'm sure you've all read a published article and found a program similar to one of yours. Or, possibly, you've wondered why we don't publish a certain type of article. The next time you've thoughts like this, might be a good time to consider submitting an article. Remember, we can only publish what we get.

Have you read a good book or used some visual aid that would be helpful to other professionals? Starting with an article for the Tools of the Trade section is an easy way to begin.

In addition to the commitment received from people who submit manuscripts, we have others who give their time and talent in volunteer roles with the Journal. For the past three years, my commitment to the Journal has been enhanced and made possible by these volunteers. My special thanks to those who recently completed their terms with the Journal.

Stephen Scheneman, Virginia-Tools of the Trade Editor
Ellen Ritter, Texas-Editorial Committee Chairperson
Roger Corbin, Texas-Editorial Committee member
Michael Patton, Minnesota-Futures Editor

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome some new people. New Editorial Committee members are: Terry Mikel, Arizona; Kristine Saunders, Utah; and Valya Vincell, Virginia. Kirk Astroth, Kansas, will be taking over the responsibility of Editorial Committee Chairperson.

Dave Deshler, New York, will be the new Futures Editor and Kathy Dalgaard, Minnesota, will be responsible for the Tools of the Trade section. I know both welcome ideas from you.

Those continuing with their responsibilities as Editorial Committee members in publishing a quality Journal are: Julie Adamcin, Arizona; Kirk Astroth, Kansas; Henry Brooks, Maryland; Dennis Brown, Washington; Barbara Cooper, Ohio; Karen Goebel, Wisconsin; Marilyn Halusky, Florida; Jeanne Hogarth, New York; Tom Jurchak, Pennsylvania; Douglas Parrett, Illinois; Myrna Powell, Nebraska; Kathy Rickart, Colorado; Janet Rodekohr, Georgia; Jo Ellen Saumier, New York; Suellen Scott, Oklahoma; Mark Settle, Iowa; Midge Smith, Maryland; and Paul Warner, Kentucky. Research in Brief Editors are: Bill Boldt, New York; Kay Rockwell, Nebraska; Patricia Nelson, Delaware; Keith Smith, Ohio; and Barbara White, Montana.

Even though I still have the responsibility for the next two issues of the Journal, it's time to welcome a new editor. Michael Patton, Minnesota, has assumed that responsibility - our Futures Editor for the past two years. Join me in welcoming him to this challenging opportunity.

If you believe in your work as an Extension professional, let me encourage you to increase your commitment to the Journal as Michael begins his term. If you've made contributions in the past, please continue. However, if you haven't viewed the Journal as a necessary part of your career, I challenge you to reconsider and become committed by subscribing and submitting manuscripts.