Fall 1986 // Volume 24 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Partnerships: A Bicycle Built for Two

Special Section

Feature Articles

Partnerships Can Be Sticky Business
Kirk A. Astroth
Lessons learned in establishing a partnership.

Small Business: An Opportunity for Extension
William R. Bernhagen and Wesley T. Mott
Building partnerships for economic development.

Traditional Roles Are A'Changing
Doyle E. Wilson
Forming partnerships to plug a hole in the dike.

H. E. L. P.
Donna L. Graham
A program helping the community deal with emergencies.


Extension's Partnership with the Future
Michael Quinn Patton
What motivates volunteers?

Ideas at Work

Multiplying Partnerships
Arlen Etling

Kid's Stuff
Jeannette M. Debs

Feature Articles

The Blue Ribbon: An American Way of Life
Joseph A. Weber and John C. McCullers
The effects of competition and rewards in 4-H.

Defining Your Niche
Philip Favero and Theodore R. Alter
Strategies for local government programs.

The Best Little Programming Tool in Extension
M.F. Smith and M.E. Swisher
Audience identification helps determine needs and justify programs.

4-H Volunteer Training - Who Needs It
Mary Jo Cook, Nancy Ellen Kiernan, and Harold R. Ott
Implications for planning volunteer training.

Research in Brief

All One System
William Boldt

The Paradox of Success
Corinne M. Rowe

Ideas at Work

Reaching the Beginner
A.J. Lewis

Seasonal Partnership
Mary P. Selk

The Prescription Maze
Connie Betterley and Elisabeth Schafer

Tools of the Trade

Mastering Change
Jeanne Moore

Helping Others Learn
James S. Long