May 1984 // Volume 22 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

How 4-H Helps Career Development
S. Kay Rockwell, Roy F. Stohler, and Louie E. Rudman
Do 4-H programs oriented towards career exploration and leadership development have an impact during the adult years? Nebraska adults who were 4-H members think so.

AGNET: Increasing its Effectiveness
Lynette Nieuwsma
Are field-based Extension staff members using the computer? This North Dakota based study describes who is and to what extent. It also suggests approaches to increase its use.

Programming for Modern Farm Women
Jeannette Jones-Webb and Sharon Y. Nickols
An Oklahoma study, plus a review of the literature, suggest programming opportunities for the modern, young farm woman.

Up Tight Ain't Right: Easing the Pressure on County Agents
Robert J. Fetsch, Robert Flashman, and David Jeffiers
Is Extension a high stress occupation? This Kentucky study shows it is and reports what's being done to change the situation.

Research in Brief

Beef Cattle Production Practices
Lynette Nieuwsma

Ideas at Work

4-H Wilderness Leadership Training Camp
Emily B. Kling; Margery A. Neely

Plant Problem Program for Homeowners
Michael J. Raupp


Computers: Authority and Extension
Bruce Sanderson; Lois Berg