March 1984 // Volume 22 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Taking a stand: Extension and Public Policy Issues
Barrows, Richard L.

Fighting Inflation, Urban and Rural Strategies
Hogarth, Jeanne M.; Krein, Sheila Fitzgerald; Rettig, Kathryn D.

How Mom and Dad Influence Youth Participation
Maurer, Richard C.; Bokemeier, Janet L.

Regional Approach To Assessing Clientele Needs
Robinson, William H.

Idea Corner

Electric Cooking Appliances - Kitchen Helpers or Dust Catchers?
Woodard, Janice; Trice, R.H.

Nominal Group Technique: An Alternative to Brainstorming
Sample, John A.

Tools of the Trade

Reflective Appraisal
Kruse, Sue

Communication Strategies
Amend, Edwin H.