May 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Review Criteria Updated (pdf)

Feature Articles

Employed Women: Valuable 4-H Volunteers (pdf)
Gene C. Whaples and Joanne M. Bordelon
Employed women do volunteer. This Maryland study documents what employed women who were 4-H volunteers did as volunteers and why.

Is Preretirement Planning Important? (pdf)
Mary Jane Becker, Thomas F. Trail, Martha B. Lamberts, and Ronald M. Jimmerson
Retirement is an individual affair. But concerns about retirement are shared across Extension staff. Based on staff input, Washington State initiated preretirement education other Extension systems should explore.

New Technology in the Supermarket (pdf)
Frances Cogle Lawrence, Paula M. Howat, and Carolyn G. Carter
Tracking family expenses through detailed point-of -purchase receipts is a feasible, but overlooked option for many consumers. Extension programming could focus on understanding and using available information from scanning system receipts.

Agents' Organizational Commitment (pdf)
Keith L. Smith, J. David McCracken, and Turiman Suandi
Extension agents indicated high organizational commitment. Yet, certain factors involving the agent, the organization, and one's co-workers were associated with positive commitment. Establishing commitment is a shared responsibility.

Idea Corner

Wheels (pdf)
Barbara Voigt-Boltes

Graduate Students and Extension Team-Up (pdf)
Joyce Smith


Are 4-H Leader's Guides Readable (pdf)
Jerry H. Reyburn

Replacing a "Legend" (pdf)
Henry M. Brooks

Tools of the Trade

Rural Society in the U.S. (pdf)
John L. Tait