March 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Who Sets Extension's Agenda? (pdf)

Feature Articles

Knowing Your Food Store (pdf)
Bruce F. Hall
Are local food stores adequate? Volunteers using a proven survey can understand differences in price, quality, selection, atmosphere, and cleanliness of food stores in their communities.

Myths About Low-Income Volunteers (pdf)
Anne E. Camasso, Anne L. Heinsohn, and Robert B. Lewis
This study suggests income differences need not deter volunteer recruitment. The data indicate low-income, 4-H volunteers are similar to other volunteers in many ways.

Programming for Two-Earner Families (pdf)
Gerald A Bird
Multiple programming strategies used to reach two-earner families are discussed. By targeting programs to particular audiences, Extension accounts for differences in lifestyles and family types.

Are Agents' Interests, Job Satisfaction, and Performance Related? (pdf)
David L. Kittrelt and J. David McCracken
We say "Extension agents must be able to work with people. This Ohio study documents the social orientation of agents, linking such an orientation to job satisfaction.

Research in Brief

Adolescent Parent Education (pdf)
Glen O. Jenson

Idea Corner

New Kids on the Block (pdf)
Pauline Odegard-Johnson

Telnet-A How-To-Do-It Experience (pdf)
George A. Schuler, James A. Christian

We Both Count (pdf)
Joan Blundall, Bruce Wilde


If Commitment Is Good, Is Overcommitment Better? (pdf)
Robert W. Lind

Tools of the Trade

4-H: An American Idea (pdf)
Maurice Johnson