July 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Roger Lawrence Named Editor

Feature Articles

Shades of Seaman Knapp
Pigg, Kenneth E.
Whether our intent is "knowing that" or "knowing how" should influence the demonstration methods we select.

Setting Farm Management Priorities
Dobbins, Craig L.; and Robbins, Paul R.
Recognizing that Extension's farm audience is becoming more diverse, the authors outline Indiana's program initiatives in farm management for farmers of moderate-scale operations.

Displaced Homemakers: An Overlooked Extension Audience
Moss, Millodean D.; Baugh, Jean A.
Skills and knowledge available through Extension are needed by those who are financially responsible for themselves. The displaced are an overlooked Extension Audience.

Keeping 4-H Members
Hartley, Richard S.
Those youth who reenroll or drop 4-H tend to be distinct. 4-H recruitment, program, and leadership strategies can enhance reenrollment in the second year.

Research in Brief

Teacher Effectiveness/Communicator Style
Reisbeck, Robert

Program Development Approaches and Influences
Rossing, Boyd

Different Extension Announcements
Reisbeck, Robert

Idea Corner

How Do Your 4-H Meetings Score?
Cummings, Merrilyn E.; Williamson, Catrennia; Chamberlain, Valerie M.; Kelly, Joan M.


Let's Not Forget the People: Extension and Computers.
Whaples, Gene C.

Flextime: Can It Reduce Turnover and Improve Morale?
Whaples, Gene C.