January 1982 // Volume 20 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

What Do You Want?

Feature Articles

SOS Learning Networks
Sam Quick, Jim Killacky, Robert Flashman, and Arlene Gibeau
Learning networks provide another way for Extension to meet local community needs, with local people helping others help themselves.

4-H Winners: What Do We Know About Them?
Glen Jenson, Robert Young, Gerald Adams, and Jay Schvaneveldt
What do youth who join 4-H think about 4-H and think others think? This Utah study suggests we still have much to learn.

What Should a Title Say?
Curtis Trent
Clients prefer "how-to" titles and illustrations suggesting solutions, to problems.

Setting Program Priorities for the 80s
Howard Ladewig and Sally Ebling
Shares what one county staff with volunteers did to develop a base for setting program priorities and requesting financial support.

Idea Corner

Men in 4-H Clothing Programs
Janis Stone, Rae Reilly and Sue Kruse

Newsletter Evaluation
William H. Robinson

PPOPP = Education for Supermarket Shoppers
Diane Nelson


Extension in The 80's and Beyond
Gale VandeBerg

Tools of the Trade

Multi Image Production
William G. Schneeflock