November 1981 // Volume 19 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

Help Make A Difference (pdf)

Feature Articles

A Computer in Your Vegetable Garden (pdf)
John A. Wott, Judy Santini, and Julie Bernstein
Providing individual garden plans to Indiana residents shows how the FACTS computer system can extend Extension's outreach in any program area.

Multimedia Instruction: High Learning, Low Cost (pdf)
Karin Kristiansson
IGood Food-Good Times demonstrates that education can be achieved in multiple ways, at varying costs.

Home Study Courses: An Educational Option (pdf)
Marsha A. Goetting
Offering estate planning information through study-at-home courses works-a Montana example.

Does the Public Know? (pdf)
Barney L. Cosner and James P. Key
Oklahoma provides another model to assess public awareness and value of Extension by either counties or states. A new look at the selection of Extension teaching methods.

Research in Brief

Marital Stability and Instability (pdf)
Glen Jenson

Runaways (pdf)
John Beasley


The 1980's: A Decade of Opportunity: The Case for Caution (pdf)
James Bromley

Tools of the Trade

Word Watchers (pdf)
William G. Schneeflock