November 1980 // Volume 18 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

Criteria For More Effective Writing (pdf)

Feature Articles

Family Education: Can Extension Accept the Challenge? (pdf)
Faden Fulleylove- Krause
An explanation of Family Systems Theory and suggestions on its applicability in Extension.

Targeting Extension Publications (pdf)
James M. Nehiley and Ray D. William
It pays to practice what we know about targeting publications for limited-resource audiences.

Improving Interagency Teamwork (pdf)
Harvey W. Shelton and Bruce W. Sorter
Factors that enhance and hinder interagency cooperation.

Conferences: What Happens Off the Agenda? (pdf)
James S. Long, Martha Bullock Lamberts, and Mary Quehm
A useful technique for evaluating participant interactions during a conference.Is Extension prepared to accept the challenges of the electronic educational age?

Research in Brief

Vacation Facts (pdf)
Glen Jenson

Idea Corner

4-H Consumer Decision-Making Contest (pdf)
Suzi Holder and Jackie Martin

Illinois Solar Home Tour (pdf)
Robert W. Frazee