September 1980 // Volume 18 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

About The Word "Extension" (pdf)

Feature Articles

Program Evaluation: Extension Needs To Get Serious About It (pdf)
Kenneth E. Pigg
Evaluation research is a model Extension can use to collect information for making better decisions.

Energy Conservation: Feelings Influence Actions (pdf)
Satish Verma
Success in getting people to adopt energy conservation practices can be enhanced by efforts to help them see the energy situation as critical.

Concepts in Volunteer Management (pdf)
Rodney L. Kempton
Practical tips for Extension workers who manage volunteer programs.

Extension and Extension Cords (pdf)
Dennis D. Bejot
Is Extension prepared to accept the challenges of the electronic educational age?

Research in Brief

Good News Travels Fast (pdf)
John Beasley

Idea Corner

Some Cooperative Ideas That Work (pdf)
Roy D. Dillon

In Case Of Fire: Anatomy of A CRD Program (pdf)
William J. Rompa

Field Sampling Kits For Agents (pdf)
Tom Campbell


Church and State Issue? (pdf)
Helen D. Tunison, B.B. Maurer and John V. Bryson , Jr.