July 1980 // Volume 18 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Journal's Research In Brief Section (pdf)

Feature Articles

Developing Effective Advisory Councils (pdf)
Jacquelyn M. Cole
Three groups of components-structural, programming skills, and group process skills-are essential to develop and maintain effective advisory councils.

Toward More Effective Newsletters (pdf)
Robert F. Reisbeck
Here are some suggestions to help you increase the effectiveness of your newsletters.

EFNEP Computer Simulation: Dust Off Old Files (pdf)
Richard A. Krueger
Computer simulation can be a useful management tool in programs for which adequate input and output data are available.

Youth on Stage (pdf)
William J. Weber and Ruth A. Doucette
A description of a theatrical performance by the 270 participants in Maine's 1979 Youth Conference-how it was done in 31/2 days and what was gained from it.

Research in Brief

Teens Think About Their Health (pdf)
John Beasley

Needs Assessment Technique (pdf)
John Beasley

Idea Corner

Wardrobe Loan Program (pdf)
Patricia J. Weeden, Helen W. Lundberg

Keeping Scrapbooks (pdf)
Tom Sanford

Youth and The Law (pdf)
Lavelle E. Sanders

Lets Talk Heart to Heart (pdf)
Andrea V. J. Wise

Emergency First Aid (pdf)
Carol Cutler Riddick, Carol J. Gertsch and Daryl K. Heasley


Learning Contract Brokerage (pdf)
Robert Mullen

4-H Enrollment - Teens to the Rescue (pdf)
Anne L. Heinsohn