May 1980 // Volume 18 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Managing Stress (pdf)

Feature Articles

A Personal Message from Hans Selye (pdf)
Hans Selye
Some clues on how to make stress work for you from the foremost international authority on stress.

International Perspective on Stress (pdf)
Robert S. Eliot
An international perspective on the impact of stress.

Extension Families Coping with Stress (pdf)
Patricia Tanner Nelson and Bonnie D. Springer
An examination of the factors contributing to stress in our families and suggestions on how to bring about constructive family interactions.

Creatively Coping with Stress (pdf)
Roger T Williams, Arlinda McCumber, and Linda E. Moody
A variety of strategies for creatively coping with stress.

Extension Work - Caretaking or Zookeeping? (pdf)
Janice M. Weber
Some real similarities between time management, effective monkey care, and stress build-up.

Helping Farmers Handle Stress (pdf)
Randy R. Weigel
A discussion of important factors to consider when designin4 a program on stress management for farm audiences.

Stress in the Farm Family (pdf)
Dalva E. Hedlund, Alan D. Berkowitz, and Deborah E. Bennett
A longitudinal study of social and psychological stress in farm families.

Helping Others Manage Stress (pdf)
Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.
Here are some specific suggestions of things you can do to help others who are experiencing some distress.

Take Control of Stress Now (pdf)
John P. Reeves
Some helpful suggestions on how you can begin now to take control of the undesirable stressors in your life.

Research in Brief

Methodological Stress Research Issue (pdf)
Phyllis Worden

Combating Managerial Heart Disease (pdf)
Phyllis Worden

Idea Corner

Stress Management Workshops (pdf)
Dorothea J. Cudabeck

Tools of the Trade

Choices (pdf)
Doris Smith

Relaxation Response (pdf)
Doris Smith

Type A Behavior (pdf)
Doris Smith

Health, Stress, Coping (pdf)
Doris Smith

Public Affairs Pamphlets (pdf)
Doris Smith

Coping With Stress (pdf)
Doris Smith

Stress! (pdf)
Doris Smith

Stress and You! (pdf)
Doris Smith

Managing Stress (pdf)
Doris Smith